Grantham - 16th May 2018

20th Century Divorce and Adoption
Ian Waller

Grantham - 17th October 2018

Family History: A Personal Approach
David McCurdy

Grantham - 18th April 2018

 Annual Meeting and Workshop Evening

Grantham - 18th July 2018

Poor Law Records
Anne Cole 

Grantham - 19th September 2018

Bob Kershaw

Bourne - 26th September 2017

Who Do You Think You Are?
The Origins of England
Bob Kershaw
Who are you descended from Saxons, Vikings or Whom?

Horncastle - 27th September 2017

John Hill the bigamist
Simon Pawley

LFHS - Saturday 7th October 2017

CONFERENCE at Bracebridge Heath Village Hall
Doors Open 09.30 a.m.

For more information and a booking form
please click here

Grimsby - 10th October 2017

Resource Evening

Lincoln - 14th October 2017

Rod Fanthorpe

Grantham - 18th October 2017

Bastardy Records
Anne Cole

Bourne - 24th October 2017

German Concentration Camps
Tony Stubbs
A look at life in those Camps

Horncastle - 25th October 2017

Behind the Throne Royal Consorts
From the middle ages to the present day
Jean Townsend

Lincoln - 11th November 2017

Alice and her Sisters
Dr. Simon Pawley

Grimsby - 14th November 2017

Balancing a Blancmange
Stories of flying’s early days when it was possible to learn to fly in one day, even before breakfast and when steering an aeroplane was described, by someone who had done it, as being like sliding down the banisters whilst balancing a blancmange.
Paul Hare

Grantham - 15th November 2017

Resource Meeting

London - 18th November 2017

Making the most of a computer for Family History
Eric Probert

Horncastle - 22nd November 2017

Christmas Social & Buffet

Bourne - 28th November 2017

Social Evening
including team quiz and festive refreshments

Grantham - 6th December 2017

Christmas Social
Members Only

Grimsby - 12th December 2017

Christmas Social 

Grimsby - 9th January 2018

Grimsby’s Museum Collection
Louise Bowen

Grantham - 17th January 2018

Fire! Fire!
Richard Jefferies

Grimsby - 13th February 2018

Resource Evening

Grantham - 21st February 2018

Sir William Robertson "Wully"
Peter Reichelt

Grimsby - 13th March 2018

Louth Navigation Canal
Stuart Sizer

Grimsby - 10th April 2018 (7 p.m.)

Annual Meeting followed by
Out and About in Grimsby and Beyond
Jennie Cartwright

Grimsby - 8th May 2018

'The 1/5th Battalion in the Great War' (Lincolnshire Regiment) PART 2
Steve Bramley 

Grimsby - 12th June 2018

Resource Evening

Grimsby - 10th July 2018

Crime and Punishment in 1202
Nigel Burns 

Grimsby - 11th September 2018

"Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire"
Katherine Connolly

Grimsby - 9th October 2018

Resource Evening 

Grimsby - 13th November 2018

Home Front Memories
Authentic 1940's memorabilia
Carol and Garry Sidney 

Grimsby - 11th December 2018

Annual Quiz and Social Evening 

Grantham - 20th June 2018

The Luttrell Psalter
Nic Lance

Grantham - 21st March 2018

Getting from Place to Place
Bob Massey 

Grantham - 21st November 2018

Mary Queen of Scots
David Templeman

Grantham - 5th December 2018

 Christmas Social
(Members Only)