Our Society urgently requires a volunteer to replace our present

Findmypast Co-ordinator

Role and responsibility

The co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that the Society’s records which are intended for publication on the Findmypast website meet the criteria set by Findmypast and are then actually published.

Useful Attributes and Skills

A good level of computer literacy and a familiarity with data operations within Excel or Access.

The ability to explain the criteria clearly to the volunteers who are responsible for producing the Excel sheets. The co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that the criteria are met and that the volunteers adhere to them.

The ability to liaise with the producers of the spreadsheets in order to maintain our current high level of accuracy. New volunteers often need support and guidance to recognise any inaccuracies and to avoid replicating them.

The role can be time-consuming, repetitious and, at times, frustrating but it is also be satisfying and of great value to our members.

For further information and expansion please contact the Publications sub-committee Chairman for further details. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will provide a task list and a link to the present co-ordinator who is willing to answer questions.