Last year the Exec Committee ran a poll to ascertain what members' wanted from our Society.

This poll was driven by the impending end of lease in our 'historical' location on Monks Way.  The Monks Way unit has increased in rental yearly, and now faces its largest leap of all - to £20K per annum.  The building is in poor state, and the Society would, as tenant, be required to pay for future maintenance (such is the rule in commercial lets).

The Executive Committee considered various formats and roles for the future LFHS Society, including being just an on-line organisation.  However, the poll showed that there was a need amongst many members for a 'centre' or similar facility.   With that in mind, in January 2022, the Society started looking for alternative, and better accommodation.   Not an easy job!

Several potential sites were visited and assessed.  We were even offered an opportunity to purchase a church Annex.  However, this latter was in worse state than Monks Way.

With our lease ending in August 2023, by June we were not quite desperate, but having to consider putting as much as possible into storage, and perhaps downsizing on our physical assets.  However, at literally, the eleventh hour, an opportunity arose, to move to another Lincoln location, at Queen's Park Community Hub.

This was seized, and that is our current plan!