The table below shows which publications contain entries for a particular parish. If you know the parish that your ancestors came from, you can easily see which publications might be of interest to you.

Numbers in brackets ( ) after Poor Law publications show the number of documents, where known, relating to the parish. Dates after Burial Registers reflect the coverage of that particular parish on the CD.

Format: CD = CD Rom; MF = Microfiche; B = Book; DL = Download from; MOA = Members Only Area.

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Place Parish Publication Name
Yaddlethorpe Lincolnshire Protestation Returns 1641 CD/DL
Yarborough General Loft’s Lincolnshire Notes (MIs recorded 1832) CD/DL
Yarborough Lincolnshire Marriage Index 1700-1837 Volume 4 CD/DL
Yarborough Lincolnshire Protestation Returns 1641 CD/DL
Yarborough Lincolnshire Settlement Certificates (45) CD/DL
Yarborough Lincs Bastardy Docs (14) CD/DL
Yarborough Lincs Settlement Exams (7) & Removal Orders (2) CD/DL
Yarborough Louthesk Deanery Baptisms & Burials 1754-1812 CD/DL
Yarborough Parish Register Burials 1813-1900 Volume 2 CD/DL