Grimsby - 10th December 2019

Christmas Social
(Members only) 

Grimsby - 10th September 2019

The 1/5th Battalion in the Great War
Part 2. (Lincolnshire Regt.)
Steve Bramley  

Grantham - 11th December 2019

Annual Social - Members Only

Grimsby - 11th June 2019

Interactive Evening
– inc a talk on Tracing Insanity Records 

Grimsby - 12th February 2019

Interactive Evening
– inc. a talk on Seafaring Records 

Grimsby - 12th November 2019

Bastardy Records
Ann Cole 

Grimsby - 14th March 2019

For those in Peril on the Sea
Stephen Bloy 

Grimsby - 14th May 2019

Criminal Ancestors
Dr Helen Johnson 

Grantham - 15th May 2019

The Stamford Mercury
Jonathan Smith 

Grantham - 16th January 2019

The Madness of George
Richard Jefferies

Grantham - 16th October 2019

The Enumerator's Tale: Problems of Recording the 1851 Census
Anne Cole 

Grantham - 17th April 2019

Annual Meeting followed by
"The 1939 Register"
David Totman

Grantham - 17th July 2019

The Manorial System and its Records
Colin Chapman

Grantham - 18th September 2019

Pub Signs
Jill Collinge 

Grantham - 19th June 2019

Origins of Surnames
Meryl Catty 

Grantham - 17th October 2018

Family History: A Personal Approach
David McCurdy

Bourne - 23rd October 2018

17th Century Christmas
Speaker: Janice Moulds
A Look At Christmas Many Years Ago

Lincoln - 10th November 2018

Goods & Chattels
Peter Hammond

Grimsby - 13th November 2018

Home Front Memories
Authentic 1940's memorabilia
Carol and Garry Sidney 

London - 17th November 2018

Treasures of the Society of Genealogists
Sue Gibbons

Grantham - 21st November 2018

Mary Queen of Scots
David Templeman

Bourne - 27th November 2018

Social Evening, including team quiz and festive refreshments
Quiz Master Jonathan Smith

Grantham - 5th December 2018

 Christmas Social
(Members Only)

Grimsby - 11th December 2018

Annual Quiz and Social Evening 

Lincoln - 12th January 2019

‘Genealogists v Historians’
Joanne Major & Sarah Murdon

Lincoln - 9th February 2019

Branch Annual Meeting followed by
How Did you Find Missing Ancestors?

Lincoln - 9th March 2019

Assumptions, Errors & Downright Lies
Anne Cole

Lincoln - 13th April 2019

Unpicking A Merchant Seaman
Ben Stock

Lincoln - 11th May 2019

Indexing Your Own Family Records
Mick Rawle

Lincoln - 8th June 2019

Prisoners at Lincoln Castle
Chris Collins

Lincoln - 13th July 2019

Mercury Memories
Jonathan Smith

Lincoln - 10th August 2019

From Scrapyard to MOT
John Child
From Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society

Lincoln - 14th September 2019

Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society Museum

Lincoln - 12th October 2019

The Bramley Apple
Pat Pomeroy

Lincoln - 9th November 2019

The Fate of the Eight
Clive & Kath Richardson

Grantham - 20th February 2019

My Fathers's Tin Trunk
Ian Andrews

Grantham - 20th March 2019

Unsung Lincolnshire Women
Chrissie Chapman

Grantham - 20th November 2019

Resource Meeting 

Grimsby - 8th January 2019

Early Asylum Life
David Scrimgeour 

Grimsby - 8th October 2018

Interactive Evening
– inc a talk on peri-mortem records
– Death, Wills & probate 

Grimsby - 9th April 2018

WW1 - The War Effort: How it Changed Everything
Tony McCabe

Grimsby - 9th July 2019

Introduction to the International Bomber Command Centre
Barry Wallis