Have you ever wondered which of the Society's many publications are likely to have your surnames of interest in them? The answer is not only more precise than that but easier than you may at first think....

Under "Publications" on the main website menu can be found "Names in Lincolnshire FHS Publications" and this is a handy index of surnames showing which publication they may be found in (and even better, it is available to anyone - not just members).

The list is organised by initial letter of the surname and you can change how many items to show on a page, page through the information and also search within a letter for the surname you are interested in (so from the "A" page, you could search for "AZZLE" - handy as it saves paging through all the other pages of more common names - but if you want to search for "BROWN" you need to do so from the "B" page). You can also search on part of a name - entering "AZ" on the "A" page will show a list of of surnames starting with those letters (including the entry for "AZZLE").

The index has been available for some time, but has recently been republished after some issues (caused mainly by the sheer number of entries). It is updated every time a new publication comes out or names from the older publications are extracted. There are currently 428232 surnames listed and this covers 228 of the Society publications - will one of these surnames help you with your research or to break down that brick wall?

(coming soon - a guide to the Members Only Area contents - watch this space)