You may have noticed that whilst we have been away for a few hours, there have been a few changes to the website...

You know the feeling when you think that you need a bit of a facelift - you splash out on a bit of paint, throw out a few things that you don't use anymore, get in some new nicnacs and soft furnishings and sort out the piles of things like your books and CD collection into a more logical order so you can (hopefully) find things easier (now where did we put the kettle....?)

It is the same for website - a change in some of the colours to make it a bit easier on the eye, some new pictures and a sorting out - a few things removed (not many), things put into a more logical structure making more use of menus and submenus and a couple of tools to make things display better and easier to maintain.

We hope you like the changes - there will be a few more over the next few months.


LFHS Webmaster