"EXODUS - 1 August 2023 !!

The final clean was carried out.  Last bits of rubbish into neighbour's skip (with permission, of course).

Great help from Neal Bower and Tracey Fairhurst.  Frantic effort, just temporarily interrupted by a coffee delivery from McD's.

These final photos give an idea of the rooms downstairs, as never seen for 20 plus years. In the words borrowed from the immortal Bard (Steve Pickthall, our Webmaster) - "'tis done!"

Goodbye Monks Way!

We cannot do much at the Hub until mid August, as we are waiting for the new wall partition to be painted before the book shelving can be resurrected.  It will therefore be quiet from me for a while, but I promise eager readers that I shall restart the diary as soon as we start to make progress in our new premises.?

Please don't forget the branch talks and Zooms in the interim.

Graham Heath
Manager, LFHS Resource Centre

P.S.  On reflection, it was a strange way for a Yorkshireman to celebrate Yorkshire Day, By Gum !! "