Well, not quite that dramatic, but work is now starting on putting together the Society’s Resource Centre at our new location in the Queen’s Park Community Hub.

We have been waiting for the new partition wall to be completed and painted.  That is a vital element – the main book shelving for the library will be fastened to it!  It is being painted today and will be dry later in the week.

The broadband and telephone are scheduled for installation on 31 August.  To that end, a small team of volunteers went in today to move boxes of books from the IT suite into the already bursting main room.  However, it had to be done.  Many thanks to Michelle Hunter, David Ingleby and Craig Heath (see photo).

We plan to have a separate IT suite for members to access Ancestry, FindMyPast, British Newspaper Archive, and the Genealogist websites, plus of course the internet and our own publications in digital format.

The main room has a large floor space, which will be subdivided into areas for a library, a classroom area, administration  and information areas.  A seating area for coffee/tea will be supplemented (hopefully) by summertime outdoor seating.

The Centre should be opening at the end of September (keep checking LFHS Website for updates).  It all seems rather grand, doesn’t it, but this is what members asked for in last year’s Survey.  So, please come along and support your Society in this new and exciting location.

Graham Heath