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Members Interests version 27th December 2021
Surname Interests version 13th October 2021

This site includes a list of Surnames being researched by family historians and includes entries from both members and non-members of the Society.

Entering Surname Interests via the web site
Surname Interests entered using the website form are only displayed on these pages for a period of six months. To temporarily add your surname interests to the listing (for six months) click here.

Members´ Surname Interests
To add your interests to the list permanently you must be a member. Please see the Membership page for details of how to become a member. When you complete a membership form there is a section to submit your Surname Interests.
If you are already a member and wish to add or update your Members´ Surname Interests, then please see the Surname Interests pages of the Society Magazine or use the link on the Contact Us page for the Members Interests Co-ordinator making sure that you quote your membership number.