The 28th July was a memorable day for the working team!  The Probate volumes were taken away in a van, to their new home!! 

There is a moral here for the future - do not keep storing items that are no longer required!  The Probates literally just made it out, on the last day possible.  For this reason, in the new Resource Centre, the Centre Manager needs to keep a tight reign on what is held.  All too often, items are accepted and just dumped in corners because "someone will sort them out eventually".  Well, as that person eventually "sorting them out", let me tell you - it is not much fun!

The photo of the old library shows some of the racking where many years' worth of rubbish (my words) were stored.  We must thank Ann Lillywhite and her team of volunteers who moved Dexion racking at an amazing pace, once we had exposed it. 

And, oh yes, I did find several items behind others, that the final move had missed.  A good job my car boot has a generous space. 

Graham Heath