Website readers, and those working close with Monks Way will be aware that the LFHS Resource Centre is currently closed.  This is to allow the small group of volunteers to pack the contents of the centre, and organise for its transportation to our new home at Queen's Community Centre and HUB, at South Park, Lincoln.

The first van-load, carrying mainly library books, left Monks Way at 1015 am on 11 July, and was unloaded by 1130!  A comparison of the two photographs of the old library tell the tale!  Also shown are the books downstairs, awaiting transport.

Library - BeforeLibrary - after starting

Finally a photograph of the volunteers during preparation for the second van-load. They were: Tracey Fairhurst, Brenda Overton, Graham Heath and Joe (a volunteer, bless him!). Absent from the group are Neal Bower, who played a major part in collapsing the shelving main frames and Ann Lillywhite.

Four willing volunteers

When we have finally transported all the contents from Monks Way, we must then start building our centre within the Hub complex. This will include library bookcases, setting out the furniture and wiring up the IT suite.  This is why we shall be closed until, at earliest September 2023.  Keep checking the LFHS website for the latest updates, and please note the new address in the Journal for future correspondence.